Dagens Nyheter: "Vi ser ingen coronaeffekt alls på koldioxidhalten"

Digital climate programming: Digital@Idag temadag den 2 oktober 2020 (in Swedish)

Special issue on the effects of the drought 2018 has been published
Lund University press release (Swedish); ICOS RI press release (english/swedish); table of contents

Nature Communications, Järveoja et al.: Bimodal diel pattern in peatland ecosystem respiration rebuts uniform temperature response

ICOS Level2 data release: Final quality controlled datasets from Atmosphere, Ecosystem and Ocean stations

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ICOS Sweden
ICOS - Integrated Carbon Observation System - is a European research infrastructure to quantify and understand the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent and of adjacent regions.

Click here for some examples (in Swedish) on how data from the ICOS Sweden network can be used to unravel the European carbon balance.

ICOS is built up as a collaboration of nationally operated measurement stations in 12 European countries.

ICOS Sweden is the Swedish contribution to this European effort and is a cooperation of several research institutes.

ICOS will provide long-term observations (20+ years) required to understand the present state and predict future behaviour of climate, the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions.

ICOS operates ecosystem, atmospheric, and oceanic networks of standardized, high precision measurement stations.

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