All raw measurement data from the individual stations will be sent to the respective ICOS thematic centres, where they will be quality controlled and evaluated following common data handling procedures. The raw data and all analysis results will then be stored in central databases, from where they can be made accessible to end users via the carbon portal.

This data processing and quality control through the thematic centers will start, once a station has finished step 2 in the ICOS labelling process.

Until then, you can receive data from ICOS Sweden stations through ICOS Sweden directly. Please note, that these data sets have only gone through a rough quality check. The user is strongly advised to check the data before use.
For statistics for VR we would like to ask you to leave a note when you download data from this site.
When using the data, please, refer to it as "data fom the ICOS Sweden national infrastructure" and the respective station PI.

Data is organized in a few monthly files, i.e. more than one variable is saved in a file. By making the selection below you will get the link(s) to the file(s) containing the data your want to have for the desired time period.

If you are interested in downloading several files, the data search at the Carbon Portal might be more convenient for you.

We are working on uploading and making data available. At the moment (2017-09-25) only data from the stations Hyltemossa, Norunda, Svartberget and Lanna are available for direct download.

Step 1: Select data

1) Select variable group
Please check the table below to choose the group.

2) Select month

Step 2: Get links to data

Will pop up for all available stations when you have made your selection.

Step 3: Get metainformation

Click on the stations name to download an xlsx-file with the metainformation for all available variables:
Available data/variables
   Variable    Remarks
 Ecosystem variables
   ground water level    all stations
   PAR, incanopy    Hyltemossa, Norunda, and Svartberget
   soil heat flux    all stations
   soil moisture    all stations
   soil temperature    all stations
   tree temperature    Hyltemossa, Norunda, and Svartberget
 Flux variables
   carbon dioxide (CO2) flux    all stations
   friction velocity    all stations
   latent heat flux    all stations
   methane (CH4) flux    Abisko-Stordalen and Degerö
   nitrous oxide (N2O) flux    Lanna
   sensible heat flux    all stations
   wind: velocity and direction    all stations
 Meteorological variables
   air temperature    all stations
   atmospheric pressure    all stations
   PAR: incoming, outgoing, diffuse, and direct    all stations
   precipitation    all stations
   radiation: net and all four components    all stations
   relative humidity    all stations
   snow depth    all stations
   sunshine duration    all stations
   target surface temperature    all stations
 Temperature profile variables
   air temperature    all stations
 Profile variables
   carbon dioxide (CO2)    all stations
   water vapor (H2O)    all stations