Check out the following variables for the last 48 hours:
air pressure carbon monoxide (CO) precipitation
air temperature global radiation relative humidity
carbon dioxide (CO2) methane (CH4) wind speed and direction

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Air temperature    back to top
Norunda air temperature last 48 hours

Relative humidity    back to top
Norunda relative humidity last 48 hours

Precipitation    back to top
Norunda precipitation last 48 hours

Air pressure    back to top
Norunda air pressure last 48 hours

Global radiation    back to top
Norunda global radiation last 48 hours

Wind    back to top
Norunda wind last 48 hours

Carbon dioxide (CO2)    back to top
Norunda carbon dioxide last 48 hours

Carbon monoxide (CO)    back to top
Norunda carbon monoxide last 48 hours

Methane (CH4)    back to top
Norunda methane last 48 hours

General information    back to top
Weather data of the last 48 hours are shown in the graphics below. They are updated every hour. The graphics are generated automatically and show raw, i.e. not controlled values.

The graphics base on mean hourly values. Grey areas indicate missing values. Time information is given in local wintertime (UTC+1).

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